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Workflow is the new content: presentation at the digital initiatives symposium, U of San Diego

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posted on 2022-07-11, 20:15 authored by Lorcan DempseyLorcan Dempsey

 The digital environment makes workflow support more important, as activities, content, and communications are tied together on the network in various combinations. Think of the interesting mix of social and functional capacities in an application like Strava, used by athletes to track activity and connect with others. In a library or research environment this trend is also clear. Research practices, and the support provided by libraries, publishers and others, provide an intriguing example, as workflows produce, manage and consume content, enable collaboration, and tie devices together to get things done. We are familiar with the historic role of the Institutional Repository, and libraries are now potentially working with colleagues to provide research information management systems and research data management capacity. This presentation will consider some of these issues, in the context of changing research behaviors, metrics, the move to open, and other factors.