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UConnRCMPy: Python-based Data Analysis for Rapid Compression Machines

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posted on 2017-06-07, 18:50 authored by Bryan WeberBryan Weber, Chih-Jen Sung
Presented at the 10th US National Technical Meeting of the Combustion Institute in College Park, MD on 25 April 2017


Rapid Compression Machines (RCMs) are well-characterized devices used to measure several fundamental combustion quantities, such as the autoignition delay. There are a number of RCMs in use around the world; however, each experimentalist has their own procedure to analyze the data from their RCM. These procedures are often incompletely documented, such that independent researchers are unable to reproduce analysis results from data available in the literature. To improve reproducibility, this work presents UConnRCMPy, an open-source Python package to process experimental data from RCMs. Given a raw pressure transducer signal, UConnRCMPy determines the ignition delay, and computes the thermophysical conditions in the reactor of the RCM during the experiment, including the reactor volume and the gas pressure and temperature. At present, UConnRCMPy is designed for use with data from the RCM located at the University of Connecticut (UConn). Nonetheless, it implements an extensible framework, so that data formats from other RCMs can be easily processed. Development of UConnRCMPy occurs openly on GitHub, the documentation is freely available on the web, and contributions from the community are welcomed. Future development plans include the definition and implementation of a common output data file format for the RCM data from UConn.