Trident and MISTY: a universal pipeline for generating and sharing synthetic spectra

2016-03-23T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Hummels, Cameron

Astrophysical simulations are useful insofar as they aid in the interpretation of telescopic observations.  Thus, a primary task in simulation analysis is in producing synthetic observations for direct comparison against observational data.  Furthermore, we as a field need an effective means for storing these synthetic observable data products, such that they are accessible and searchable by the entire population of researchers.  In this talk, we present Trident, a universal pipeline for producing synthetic spectra from any of the major hydrodynamics codes, and MISTY, a means of storing these spectra on the HST MAST data archive.  Trident and MISTY are our attempts to solve the difficult problems of synthetic data production and publicly-accessible storage for the scientific communities studying the intergalactic medium and circumgalactic medium.




CC BY 4.0