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Towards governance of PID portability for research evaluation

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posted on 10.11.2016, 12:30 authored by Clifford TatumClifford Tatum
Increased adoption of PIDs in the academic enterprise coincides with increasing demand for Research Information (RI) related to research evaluation. Collection and analysis of RI often occurs at the level of institution (e.g. with the use of CRIS systems), where public information about research output is linked to private information related to financial and human resources. This creates an interoperability dilemma, whereby increased expectations for open science are in conflict with privacy, security, and commercial concerns for certain kinds of data, such as personal details about staff, data gathered from human subjects, and licensed content. In this presentation I propose a shift in focus from interoperability of research infrastructure to portability of PIDs as a way out of this dilemma.


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