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The influence of scene information on object processing

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posted on 2019-11-11, 07:29 authored by Sushrut ThoratSushrut Thorat, Sjoerd Meijer, Ilse Thoonen, Marius Peelen

How does scene information influence object processing in the human brain? Across a set of behavioural experiments based on a priming paradigm (and inclusion of working memory), we found that congruent scenes seem to bias object processing towards the congruent object but not provide detection sensitivity boosts.

This conclusion has to be taken with a grain of salt as most of the experiments showed weak or null effects which are hard to interpret. They could have occured due to there being a few participants per experiment or because the paradigm is not powerful enough to pick up on the effects we want to investigate.

Data and analysis code can be found at -


Horizon 2020 Framework Programme (725970) - Marius Peelen