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The US-RSE Association: A Community-Driven National Organization of Research Software Engineers (SIAM CSE21 MS251)

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The US Research Software Engineer Association (US-RSE) is a community-driven organization centered around the people writing and contributing to research software or Research Software Engineers (RSEs) as they have come to be known. By bringing the skills and practices of software engineering to research, in an effort to create more robust, manageable, and sustainable research software, RSEs are playing an increasingly important role within the computational science and engineering research ecosystem. The US-RSE’s organizational mission is centered around three main goals: providing a community to those who identify as an RSE; advocating for the RSE role; and providing resources for current and future RSEs, as well as institutions and organizations supporting RSEs. Membership is easy and free and we welcome all those who relate to the US-RSE’s mission, especially those who identify as RSEs, those interested in a career as an RSE, and those who may not be RSEs but consider themselves RSE “allies.” In this talk, I will describe some of the recent activities of the US-RSE Association, future goals of the organization, and explain how individuals can join and get involved.