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Supplementary material: Small-scale sand injectites

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posted on 29.03.2021, 11:36 by Alma BradaricAlma Bradaric
This is a supplement to the paper “Recognition and characterization of small-scale sand injectites in seismic data: Implications for reservoir development” by Alma Dzozlic Bradaric, Trond Andersen, Isabelle Lecomte, Helge Løseth and Christian Haug Eide*

* If you use any of the files provided here, you should cite this paper.*


PDF with all seismic modelling results presented in the paper are gathered in a slide package, which allows the reader to flip back and forth between the different seismic modelling results to better visualize changes in seismic signature and detectability as geometry and size of the sand injectites is changed.