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Proactive Communities of Practice

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posted on 2020-04-27, 00:42 authored by Rowland MosbergenRowland Mosbergen
As research systems get larger and more complex, the more wicked problems are encountered. We define a wicked problem as a complex problem that needs a collaborative solution that may be socio-technical in nature eg. Data curation at scale.

Currently there is no scalable, sustainable, collaborative way of solving digital wicked problems in the area of research support due to under-resourcing and siloed approaches.

This framework has been proposed to provide a coordinated, proactive way of systematically organising multiple local groups to solve a specific wicked problem collaboratively.

It relies on creating a mutually beneficial partnership with student interns, subject matter experts and technical research support staff.

It could be thought of as a Proactive Community of Practice, or a themed Google Summer of Code, systematically collaborating across a long period of time.