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Open Source Communities: how, why, ethos

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posted on 2021-06-02, 18:57 authored by Rokwire Community, Bradly AliceaBradly Alicea

While the benefits of Open Source collaboration are self-evident, the path to success in such an environment is less obvious. To better understand this path, we will revisit the practice and foundational ideas of open-source communities, particular with respect to open-source in an academic environment. In doing so, we will also revisit the rationale for building around open-source architectures. As a mode of development and social interaction, open-source is fundamentally different from the norms of the Corporation and the University. This requires a conceptual shift for which we will advocate. For example, a significant component of open-source involvement in a University setting involves developing a pedagogical focus that can promote and germinate open-source culture. In conclusion, we will discuss specific initiatives and concrete benefits of an open-source working mode using the Rokwire Community as an example.

This presentation will cover the various social, logistical, and educational aspects of an open-source community in an academic setting. While this talk will be useful to people casually interested in open-source community participation, it is particularly useful to tech leaders, managers, and educators interested in harnessing the social potential of open-source initiatives.

The participant will gain an appreciation for open-source communities as the basis of a new set of social relations governing technology development.