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Open Biomedial Knowledge: Wikipedia, Wikidata and Beyond

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posted on 2015-10-12, 20:11 authored by Elvira MitrakaElvira Mitraka, Andra WaagmeesterAndra Waagmeester, Sebastian Burgstaller-Muehlbacher, Lynn Schriml, Andrew SuAndrew Su, Benjamin GoodBenjamin Good

The Gene Wiki project emerged in 2008 to provide a way to centralize information about human genes in a human-readable fashion in the form of Wikipedia articles. Now, in the second phase of this initiative, this project is expanding its scope to improve the Wikipedia representation of information about genes, diseases, drugs and their inter-relations to both foster education and stimulate scientific progress.

So far we have written bots that have generated Wikidata items for: all human genes, all mouse genes, all diseases represented in the Human Disease Ontology, and all FDA-approved drugs. We are currently working to expand our Wikidata representations of information about these items and are in the early phases of including this new content in the corresponding Wikipedia article infoboxes. We are actively seeking collaborators from the Wikipedia and Wikidata communities to help with all aspects of this initiative.