OSCAR and LUCINDA with Wikidata (WikiCite2018 presentation)

2018-11-28T19:57:45Z (GMT) by ivan heibi Silvio Peroni David Shotton
OpenCitations (http://opencitations.net) has recently released OSCAR and LUCINDA, two applications that can be easily configured to provide appropriate interfaces to humans without specific technical expertise to search and browse RDF data included in any SPARQL endpoint. In particular, all the technical aspects for interacting with the SPARQL endpoint are defined once for all in a specific configuration file, which is responsible for the specification of the Web interface and the search/browse operations that such interface makes available to the final user. In this talk, we show the way we use these tools for implementing the searching and browsing interfaces of the OpenCitation Corpus (https://w3id.org/oc/corpus) and COCI (https://w3id.org/oc/index/coci). In addition, we present for the very first time the customization of OSCAR and LUCINDA to be used for searching and browsing the bibliographic resources included in Wikidata.