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ORCID adoption in research evaluation workflow

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posted on 26.10.2015, 02:45 by Nobuko MiyairiNobuko Miyairi

Evaluation of research requires an understanding of research outputs and explicit relationships with contributors, funders, and research organizations.  Increasingly, persistent identifiers for people, organizations, and objects are being embedded in research workflows to enable trusted connections.  Evaluators are starting to use these identifiers to collect data, and are experiencing reductions in data processing time and improvements in data quality.  ORCID (orcid.org) is a non-profit organization that maintains an open registry of persistent and unique identifiers for researchers.  This talk will overview how the research community is adopting ORCID iDs so that researchers receive credit they deserve, and how ORCID serves as “plumbing” in the research information infrastructure and insodoing supports research evaluation through improved data quality and validation.


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