New Librarians in Academia: Your data mystery adventure starts here

2017-07-18T10:12:30Z (GMT) by Kathryn Unsworth Karen Visser
This workshop was a hands and thinking caps-on mystery adventure, solving the “case of the missing data skills”, where new librarians explored an emerging continuum of research data-related skills development that empowers librarians to engage with and add value to research outcomes. We also examined the evolution of library roles and changing priorities in the last few years, and what the future might look like – from traditional library roles to RDM-related/research engagement roles, and beyond to the potential for librarians to gain Data Science skills and get their own hands dirty with library and research data.

We investigated through activity-based exercises the “case of the missing data skills”, identifying the data-related skills required for engaging with researchers and their data. Also, how we as individuals and as a community can develop the necessary data skills and understanding of the Research/Data Lifecycle to ensure we are ready for these new roles. We wrapped the workshop up with a discussion on making connections and continued learning.