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MOESM5 of Optimized creation of glioblastoma patient derived xenografts for use in preclinical studies

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posted on 09.02.2017 by Doreen William, Christina Mullins, BjĂśrn Schneider, Andrea Orthmann, Nora Lamp, Mathias Krohn, Annika Hoffmann, Carl-Friedrich Classen, Michael Linnebacher
Additional file 5. GFAP Immunohistochemistry staining of paraffin embedded GBM and PDX tissue sections. A) HROG33 primary GBM, stained with new fuchsine B) HROG33 PDX after first in vivo transfer, C) HROG33 PDX after second in vivo transfer, D) HROG59 primary GBM, E) HROG59 PDX after first in vivo transfer, F) HROG59 PDX after second in vivo transfer. 200-fold magnification B-F were stained with 3,3′-Diaminobenzidine.


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