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MOESM2 of The prognostic impact of GSTM1/GSTP1 genetic variants in bladder Cancer

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posted on 24.10.2019, 12:26 authored by Nada Albarakati, Dareen Khayyat, Asharf Dallol, Jaudah Al-Maghrabi, Taoufik Nedjadi
Additional file 2: Figure S2. Kaplan-Meier survival curves demonstrating the overall survival of GSTP1 adjusted with HER2 status. (A) GSTP1 genotypes with HER2 gene amplification. (B) GSTP1 genotypes with HER2 gene Non-amplification. (C) GSTP1 genotypes with HER2 Protein expression. (D) GSTP1 genotypes with No HER2 Protein expression.


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