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Life-history trade-offs of core vs. transient species regulate community diversity and structure (slide deck from 2013 Ecological Society of America Conference)

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posted on 10.08.2013, 16:19 authored by Sarah SuppSarah Supp, Morgan Ernest, David Koons

This is the presentation I gave at the Ecological Society of America annual meeting in Minneapolis, MN on 6 August 2013. The talk is on our in prep research using a long-term dataset to test the idea that if core and transient species have differing local vs. regional survival strategies, and therefore differ in population-level spatial structure and gene flow, they should also differ predictably in their life-history traits. Specifically, core species should display relatively low dispersal rates, low reproductive effort, high ecological specialization, and high survival rates compared to transient species. We present results from 10 years of capture-mark-recapture data (2000-20009) in a diverse small mammal community.