Librarians and Dragons: A Transferable Skills Workshop

2017-08-21T05:18:43Z (GMT) by Madelin Medlycott Michael Hawks
This workshop will help LIS students and new graduates identify skills they already have and how they can transfer these skills to the library world - but in a fun way! Libraries and Dragons uses gamification to promote professional development for librarians, and to encourage a different way of thinking about the skills that we as new graduates can bring to the table. The workshop brings in ideas and concepts from role playing games, such as dungeons and dragons, to offer a different way of viewing our professional development. The workshop will take participants on a quest through a library experience, using predeveloped characters, before tasking everyone to develop their own character profiles, focusing on their abilities (transferable skills), legendary items (qualifications) and completed trials (experience), and to begin thinking about other ‘quests’ we, as new members of the LIS community, can go on to ‘level up’ our careers.

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