INDUSTRY_MARCONI Interactive, Smart & Lively Environment for Radio

2018-06-14T04:16:14Z (GMT) by ACM TVX2018 Rik Bauwens
1. Radio is more 360° than ever
2. A lot of prototyping and proof-of-concepts with editorial teams lead to a simple (at first sight), but effective toolkit
3. Chatbots: key is finding the right use case
4. Less relevant for questions like ‘What song is currently playing?’ ➜ Easily (and more quickly) retrievable by hand; Very relevant for complex queries: ‘I’m looking for a song which you guys played in the evening sometime last week’
5. Big help as a digital assistant for editorial team to handle interaction
6. We intend to integrate with even more services during open piloting activities during the second half of the project



CC BY 4.0