How RCUK is trying to link up organisational identifiers.ppt

2018-01-29T09:07:26Z (GMT) by Ashley Moore

Research Councils UK would welcome a discussion at PIDapalooza 2018 regarding the linking of organisational identifiers. Currently RCUK use a non-standard identifier in our internal systems for organisations. As we head into the formation of UK Research and Innovation (a UK organisation which brings together the 7 UK research councils, InnovateUK and a new organisation Research England), we have a growing requirement to record information from academic institutions to private sector companies and have an ambition to use a persistent identifier for these. We would like to discuss linking legal organisational (entity) identifiers e.g. companies house to other identifier standards like ISNI and beyond. This could potentially enable further interoperability in the sector reducing burden on academic staff applying for funding and admin burdens.