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Base-level estimates to define the correct structural index in Euler deconvolution

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posted on 2017-10-23, 12:39 authored by Felipe F. MeloFelipe F. Melo, Valeria C. F. BarbosaValeria C. F. Barbosa
The main goal of Euler deconvolution is to define the nature of the source (i.e., the structural index – SI) and its depth position. To define the correct structural index most authors take advantage of the clustering in depth estimates. With tentative structural indices, we take advantage of base level clustering when the correct SI is used. We modeled three bodies with different structural indices simulating interfering magnetic anomalies; even when we assume a null base level in the data the base level estimated by Euler deconvolution generate a nonlinear pattern. The minimum standard deviation of base level estimates over an area delineated by depth estimates can define the correct SI. Application to a real data set shows a nonlinear pattern of the estimated base level, possibly due to interfering anomalies. Our result may infer that the real body of the study is a plug intrusion.


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