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Development and Integration Workflows for Large Complex Distributed CSE Software Efforts

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posted on 2019-02-26, 16:45 authored by Roscoe BartlettRoscoe Bartlett
Larger research-driven Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) projects pose a variety unique challenges. Many of these projects involve multiple institutions, teams of developers, and software repositories. In addition, the push to exascale requires having to run performantly on a variety of bleeding-edge, multi-core and GPU accelerator architectures. This talk will describe the software engineering development and integration challenges and solution approaches required to effectively drive these projects that balance speed of development and integration with the stability of the software needed to keep developers, domain experts and analysts productive as they push the scientific frontier. This will include experiences from some larger CSE projects including the Consortium for the Advanced Simulation of Light-water reactors (CASL) DOE Energy Innovation Hub and the Exascale Computing Project’s (ECP) Advanced Technology Deployment Mitigation (ATDM) project involving the Sandia National Labs Trilinos development repository and customer application codes.