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posted on 01.08.2017 by Nancy Hoebelheinrich
The Data Management Training (DMT) Clearinghouse is a metadata registry for training materials on data management. Now that the DMT Clearinghouse is up and running, and following on from some user testing of the interface and functionality, this session was designed to provide a number of opportunities for interested participants to help move the Clearinghouse forward in a working session. Organizers brought suggestions for educational resources to add to the DMT Clearinghouse, but also sought new sources of training materials. Participants prepared for the session ahead of time by bringing information about educational resources thought useful to researchers and data professionals. At the session, the resources were reviewed per the selection criteria suggested, and then submitted to the Clearinghouse. Time was also allotted to look for other resources to add to the list of resources to submit.

The kind of educational resources being sought could be delivered online, face to face, or using a combination of both techniques. Examples of possible resources included: remote access tutorials, webinars, videos, audio presentations, exercises or training activities such as specific examples of data use or so-called data “recipes” that could be used to supplement other educational resources, syllabi, lesson plans, teacher guides, related tool training guides (e.g., for DMP Online), etc. All resources should provide instruction directed to researchers and/or data professionals who wish to train themselves or others on best practices related to the management of research data including but not limited to Earth science data. In terms of audience, generally, the resources should offer instruction to upper level scientists of all types, undergrads / early grad students, post-docs and early career scientists, data professionals such as data managers and data librarians, and citizen scientists.

For ideas about what to submit, check out what’s already in the DMT Clearinghouse at: At the working session, organizers and experienced submitters answered questions, showed examples, explained decisions made with respect to prior submissions, and celebrated additions to the inventory as well as collected feedback on user experiences with the DMT Clearinghouse website functionality and resource submission form.