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Connecting light dark matter candidates with neutrinos

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posted on 2018-01-04, 10:30 authored by Roberto A. LinerosRoberto A. Lineros
Seminar given at UTFSM on 13/Dec/2017

Dark Matter is an unseen sculptor of the Universe. Its presence affects astrophysical objects at different scales. However, its nature is still unknown. Particle dark matter candidates have been proposed explaining the relic abundance, properties, and indicating search strategies. Unfortunately, the null observational results motivate the community to study other candidates and to propose new search strategies. A possible way to observe dark matter is by affecting the neutrino flavor propagation at galactic scales. This effect might be manifested at PeV neutrino energies, which is the energy window accessible to neutrino telescopes like ICECUBE and KM3NET. In addtion, this effect is more sensitive to light dark matter like fuzzy dark matter or any dark matter candidate with masses of keV, like the majoron or sterile neutrinos.