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Challenges in adopting FAIR principles in Training

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posted on 2018-10-29, 13:32 authored by Patricia M. Palagi, Pascal Kahlem, Gabriela Rustici, Celia W. G. van Gelder

Providing bioinformatics training to help life science researchers effectively work with ELIXIR resources is ELIXIR’s key priority. The ELIXIR Training Platform ( is in charge of building a sustainable training infrastructure, covering training courses, training tools and resources, development of training expertise, definition of quality assurance standards and monitoring of quality indicators. TeSS (, the ELIXIR training portal which aggregates course events and materials, was designed in compliance with Bioschemas ( and FAIRsharing ( recommendations and adopting FAIR principles. Train the Trainers courses and several ELIXIR specific courses were designed to promote FAIRnessand open access in sciences principles. In this presentation, we will talk about these and other measures implemented by ELIXIR to ensure training is FAIR, to ensure the ELIXIR community is aware of FAIR principles and is trained to adopt them. The training challenges and issues related to the adoption of FAIR principles and to the implementation of FAIR data, tools and platforms will also be elaborated.


ELIXIR-EXCELERATE H2020 Grant 676559