Building volunteer networks that rock

2017-07-12T04:21:53Z (GMT) by Jacinta Sutton

Close your eyes, look into your career future and there’s a good chance your library will have a team of volunteers.

Onsite, from home, crowdsourced, long term, short term – there are all kinds of volunteers. They can add significant value to your library and managing these networks and making them shine is a skillset that can make you stand out in the library world.

Jacinta will share how she built a high functioning team of volunteers at State Library of Queensland, launched SLQ’s new online transcription presence and tapped into the true value that volunteers bring to libraries – and how you can too (hint: it’s something to do with our innate human propensity for community). This session will share practical steps and strategies on how to show leadership in the digital volunteer space and harness the skills of your community.

Volunteers enrich your library, whether it’s improving the quality of data, adding new knowledge or teaching you how to manage people, they strengthen libraries in unexpected ways. And you know what? They’ll enrich you too.