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Building policy compliant infrastructure for research data

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posted on 24.02.2020, 17:10 by Mark Hahnel

Presentation at the NIH Hosted Workshop on Role of Generalist Repositories to Enhance Data Discoverability and Reuse Feb. 11-12 in Bethesda, Md.

The primary goals of the workshop were:

  • Hear from generalist repositories about how they see themselves in the larger biomedical data repository landscape.

  • Understand from institutional data repositories how they are creating suites of solutions for their researchers and how they see generalist repositories fitting in this landscape.

  • Consider desired characteristics of data repositories and how they relate to institutional expectations of data storage/preservation solutions.

  • Explore adoption of common infrastructure, standards and federated search solutions to enable greater discoverability of NIH research data across federated data repositories.

  • Address the role of data curators in ensuring that data and metadata are sufficiently well curated to enhance discovery and enable reuse.