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Assessing Risks

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posted on 02.02.2018, 04:50 authored by Amanda Capes-DavisAmanda Capes-Davis, Darryn Capes-DavisDarryn Capes-Davis

Assessing Risks at Work

1. When should a Risk Assessment be carried out?

a. A work activity is new or when it changes

b. The hazards associated with a work activity are not clear

c. There are multiple hazards and it is unclear how those hazards may interact and what the overall risk may be

d. Mandatory for some hazards (Safe Work Methods Statement (SWMS))

2. How should risk be assessed?

a. Consider how hazard may cause harm

b. Assess the likelihood of harm occurring

c. Assess how severe the harm could be

3. Practical examples

a. Assess risks associated with hazards in a series of photographs

b. Use a risk matrix

c. Write up a risk assessment


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