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An introduction to trait based ecology

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posted on 2020-01-23, 20:52 authored by Brian EnquistBrian Enquist
This is an introductory talk to the Plant Functional Trait Course 5 students and faculty. The course is the 5th International Plant Functional Traits Course that will be held at Wayqecha, Peru 9-22 March 2020. This lecture provides an overview and introduction of trait based ecology. The addresses - Why trait based ecology? It is argued that traditional ecological measures based on species richness has not adequately captured the level of generality and predictions required to make biodiversity science predictive. Traits more directly link how species perform in differing environments. Traits enable a more predictive ecology. This lecture introduces several focus research questions and some of the core literature.

You can access the course lecture files here,, and the main course website here


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