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Additional file 2: of Cytosolic GAPDH as a redox-dependent regulator of energy metabolism

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posted on 2018-09-06, 05:00 authored by Markus Schneider, Johannes Knuesting, Oliver Birkholz, JĂźrgen Heinisch, Renate Scheibe
Figure S1. Redox-dependent binding of GapC1 to VDAC3. Binding kinetics of the GapC1-VDAC3 interaction were monitored by RIf spectroscopy. (A) After the injection of VDAC3-containing proteoliposomes (gray), the formation of a polymer-supported membrane and the binding of GapC1 to VDAC3 (light blue) were recorded by label-free RIf detection. (B) Representative association and dissociation behavior of reduced and oxidized GapC1 and VDAC3 with the respective residuals. (PPTX 169 kb)


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