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ATPESC 2020 Software Productivity Track

posted on 06.08.2020, 14:54 authored by David E. BernholdtDavid E. Bernholdt, Anshu DubeyAnshu Dubey, Mark C. Miller, Katherine M. Riley, James M. Willenbring
Presentations from the Software Productivity track at the 2020 Argonne Training Program for Extreme Scale Computing (ATPESC) presented on 2020-08-06 by Davd E. Bernholdt, Anshu Dubey, Mark C. Miller, Katherine M. Riley, and James M. Willenbring.

Topics include:
00 Introduction
01 Overview of Best Practices in HPC Software Development
02 Agile Methodologies
03 Git Workflows
04 Software Design
05 Software Testing
06 Agile Methodologies Redux
07 Refactoring
08 Continuous Integration
09 Reproducibility
10 Summary

(The Software Productivity track is very similar to the 6-hour version of our Better Scientific Software tutorial.)


This research was supported by the Exascale Computing Project (17-SC-20-SC), a collaborative effort of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration.


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