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ATPESC 2018 Software Productivity Track

posted on 2019-04-20, 22:17 authored by David E. BernholdtDavid E. Bernholdt, Anshu DubeyAnshu Dubey, Jared Ourieff
Presentations from the Software Productivity track at the 2018 Argonne Training Program for Extreme Scale Computing (ATPESC) presented on 2018-08-08 by Davd E. Bernholdt, Anshu Dubey, and Jared O'Neal.

Topics include:
01 Overview of Best Practices in HPC Software Development
02 Typical Workflows, Definitions, and Examples
03 Better (Small) Scientific Software Teams
04 An Introduction to Software Licensing
05 Improving Reproducibility through Better Software Practices
06 Verification and Developing a Testing Regime
07 Testing, Code Coverage, and Continuous Integration
08 Refactoring with a Case Study

(The Software Productivity track is very similar to the 6-hour version of our Better Scientific Software tutorial.)

See the links in the References section (below) for:
Videos of the presentations
Complete archives of ATPESC 2018
General link for the ATPESC program


This research was supported by the Exascale Computing Project (17-SC-20-SC), a collaborative effort of the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Nuclear Security Administration.


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