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КУДА ИДЁТ УКРАИНА: СКВОЗЬ СТЕКЛО СМУТНО    The article offers an analysis of the two main trends in Ukrainian politics that offer different approaches in addressing the problems faced by Ukrainian society. One tendency includes proponents of the approach that relies on government institutions and formal bureaucratic practices. The other tendency represents the radically inclined militant activist who insist on immediate and radical policies that will eliminate corruption and treason in the country. The standoff between these two tendencies prolongs the war in Ukraine and is harmful for the country. It makes difficult the resolution of the conflict that destroys the country, prevents the rebuilding of its economy and improving the life of Ukrainian citizens. The article also analyzes the political practice of president Zelensky who largely pursues the approach advocated by the radicals.

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posted on 2023-06-06, 18:05 authored by Gennady ShkliarevskyGennady Shkliarevsky

This is a political analysis of the war in Ukraine


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