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posted on 2021-11-19, 14:58 authored by Wayne LauttWayne Lautt
Hepatalin is a hormone secreted by the liver in response to pulses of insulin after a mixed nutrient meal, but only if the liver receives two permissive synergistic feeding signals from the stomach. Hepatalin stimulates glucose uptake and storage as glycogen in skeletal muscle, heart, and kidney but not liver, guts, or adipocytes. Insulin acts primarily on liver and fat. Reduced hepatalin action results in postprandial hyperglycemia, compensatory elevation of insulin secretion, and a resultant shift in partitioning of nutrient energy storage from glycogen in muscle to fat. Chronic hepatalin suppression leads to a predictable chronology of dysfunctions, first diagnosable as Absence of Meal-induced Insulin Sensitization (AMIS) which progresses to prediabetes, adiposity, and type 2 diabetes. The focus on nutrient partitioning and the role of hepatalin allows AMIS to be diagnosed, prevented, and treated, including through the use of lifestyle interventions.