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Visualising Research Graph using Neo4j and Gephi

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posted on 2017-03-15, 07:10 authored by Amir AryaniAmir Aryani, Jingbo WangJingbo Wang, Hao Zhang, Andy Xiang, Zhaolian Zhou, Kun Wang
This is the pre-print version of a paper accepted for the developer track of the Open Repository Conference in Brisbane, Australia, June 2017.

The goal of this presentation is to provide an insight into the potential interoperability between open scholarship systems. We demonstrate how to export the publication metadata from DSPACE repository and link this information to ORCIDs (Researchers), Funding Records (grants) and research data (data in research) using the Research Graph model and open source software. Furthermore, we demonstrate how to transform this information to Neo4j graph database that enables us to run queries such as finding related publications to a grant with multiple degrees of separation. Finally, we will use the Gephi visualisation tool to plot the large graph and identify the clusters of research activities.