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An attempt to prove physics by making reality indubitable

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posted on 19.09.2020 by Alexandre Harvey-Tremblay
In this manuscript I attempt to produce the most fundamental description of physics and reality I believe to be possible. Specifically, using algorithmic information theory, statistical physics and entropy as my tools, my strategy is to define reality as the ensemble of all realized experiments (the ensemble of what "I" has indubitably proven), the domain of science as the set of all realizable experiments (the set of what "I" could prove) and finally nature as the group of all possible transformations of the ensemble. Then, at its most fundamental level, physics is ---quite simply--- the probability measure that makes reality maximally informative (to "I"/ the observer) within the domain of science and under the constraint of nature. The procedure yields novel physics in the form of the mathematical origin of (an extended version of) the Born rule as the probability measure connecting the domain of science to reality, while the geometry of space-time itself is automatically emergent in the structure of said extended Born rule; a process which, notably, is self-limited to precisely four space-time dimensions. Thus producing, automatically, uniquely and necessarily, the equations for the familiar four-dimensional geometric quantum mechanical universe as the inescapable result of applying a formalization of the practice of science to an indubitable description of reality.