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Quantum holography with single-photon states

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posted on 2023-01-12, 16:10 authored by Denis Abramović, Nazif Demoli, Mario Stipčević, Hrvoje Skenderović
The retrieval of the phase with single-photon states is a fundamental and technical challenging endeavor. Here we report the first experimental realization of hologram recordings with heralded single-photon illumination and continuous observation of photon statistics. Thereby, we demonstrate the basic principle of holography with single-photon states which cannot be described with the classical wave theory. Under conditions with illumination more than 200 times weaker than the noise of the detector, a hologram (interferogram) recorded with a heralded single-photon source revealed an object not visible with non-heralded illumination and slightly higher intensity. The dramatic improvement in retrieval of amplitude and phase information achieved with the heralded single-photon source can be explained by the strong suppression of noise due to the nonclassical temporal correlation between twin photons and the small coincidence time window. The method could be useful for recording and retrieving of amplitude and phase information in the presence of strong noise, for covert imaging, and for imaging of photosensitive biological and material samples.



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