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On the Unification of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity, using the Computed Reality Interpretation

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posted on 09.12.2020, 12:21 authored by Aonghus LynchAonghus Lynch

This paper builds on a few disparate existing ideas of Quantum Mechanics, and condenses them into one cohesive new interpretation named the “Computed Reality Interpretation”. This interpretation is demonstrated below to have a far stronger explanatory power in multiple respects, when compared to other interpretations such as “Many Worlds” or “Bohmian Mechanics”. The Computed Reality Interpretation is fully compatible with the popular “Copenhagen” interpretation, affirming the fundamental ability of particles to exist as pure equations.

In addition to its explanatory power for key Quantum Mechanical phenomena, this paper also shows how the Computed Reality Interpretation provides a natural explanation for key relativistic phenomena, namely time dilation and gravity. Multiple testable predictions are also described, in the areas of space-time topography, quantum gravity and faster-than-light travel.

The provided interpretation will thus be demonstrated not only to stand on its own as a powerful, experimentally testable, quantum interpretation, but also to serve as an umbrella interpretation under which Quantum Mechanical and Relativistic physical processes can both be naturally and logically explained within a shared context.


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