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New Media Arts Protocol to Use Stem Cells (NMAP-SC)

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posted on 2019-07-21, 16:23 authored by Diaa Ahmed Mohamed AhmedienDiaa Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedien

The New-Media Arts Protocol to use Stem Cells(NMAP-SC) is an interdisciplinary template-based protocol designed by Dr. Diaa Ahmed Mohamed ahmedien, as an attempt to processes stem cells inside new-media arts labs worldwide. The mutual contributions between bio labs and new-media labs to promulgate the outputs of stem cells research is the core of this protocol, by which New-Media Art can provide a wide range of strategies to attract scientists into public engagement projects as well as it offers many approaches to integrate the public in a unified area with different stakeholders (politicians, policy makers, clinics, and industry) to participate directly in the process of science and thus learn more about the processes of scientific inquiry to get stem cells as an open science. Any institution or research center can use this template-based protocol in its current Beta version to build a cooperation between a team of new-media artists and a team of biologists. Please send feedbacks regarding any suggested modifications or any other related issues to: