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Estimating the infection fatality rate of COVID 19 in South Korea by using time series correlations

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posted on 04.04.2020, 18:50 authored by Juan J. MereloJuan J. Merelo, Victor Manuel Rivas SantosVictor Manuel Rivas Santos
In absence of individualized data of contagions with COVID-19, we have to
use indirect sources for estimating the individual fatality rate, that is, the rate
of deceases for those that have been infected with the virus. In this report we
will try to find out an estimate of the individualized death rate by looking at one the countries that
have made a more extensive testing, South Korea. We will first try
to estimate the time from onset to outcome using time series correlation, and from
that, we will try and find out inconsistencies in reporting or in these time series.


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