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Einstein Toolkit Community Integration and Data Exploration

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posted on 13.08.2017, 18:14 by Pablo Laguna, David Bader, Manuela Campanelli, Joshua Faber, Yosef Zlochower, Frank Löffler, Steven Brandt, Peter Diener, Gabrielle Allen, Matthew Turk

Original summary, description, bibliography and data management plan for a collaborative proposal for Einstein Toolkit support and development submitted by Georgia Tech, Louisiana State University, Rochester Institute of Technology and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to NSF SSI solicitation 14-520 in 2015. Following some re-budgeting and scope changes, the proposal resulted in funded collaborative project NSF 1550514, NSF 1550551, NSF 1550461, NSF 1550436.


NSF 1550514, NSF 1550551, NSF 1550461, NSF 1550436


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