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Biology: historical and developmental trends

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posted on 2023-06-05, 17:24 authored by Leo Nnamdi Ozurumba-DwightLeo Nnamdi Ozurumba-Dwight, Keziah Nwamaka Ibemenuga, Ukpai Kalu, Edward Udosen

The history of Biology at its earliest periods cannot be described without mentioning the roles played by Aristotle, Hippocrates, Galen and, Theophrastus in ancient Greco-Roman world, and Leonardo DaVinci in Italy among others, who did studies that helped ignite and consequently shape the early periods of the study of Biology as a field of natural science. 

This underwent progress in growth, developments of new and advanced tools, and methods in its study. It enhanced emergence of the era of seeking to understand life much better from the cellular and sub-cellular levels. Biology has grown over the scores of decades from mare study of organisms in their gross structure and functions. This was accompanied with correlating them with functions that are observed into seeking to understand these organisms at deeper perspectives from their molecules and ultra-structures, such as through emerged fields like Molecular Biology, Metabolomics and Synthetic Biology and Cell Biology)features. It has opened up deeper insights to support better understanding of life features. The resultant effects have been emergence of new fields under Biology, using advanced techniques to study life. These has supported biological investigations with improved drugs, varieties of crops and animals, industrial bio-products like enzymes, hormones, bio-polymers that are more environmentally friendly and more robust ways to study our ecosystem and tackle emerging environmental problems. 

In this review we present its historical overview, developments are presented to provide an overview for trends in biology over the ages.


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