A Sluice Gate Control Model (Ver.2.1.4) Camera Ready 2021-04-29.pdf (481.21 kB)
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A Sluice Gate Control Model (Ver.2.1.4) Camera Ready 2021-04-29.pdf

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posted on 07.07.2021, 19:15 by Arash YoosefDoostArash YoosefDoost, William David Lubitz, Andrew Binns
Sluice gates are among the most common control structures used to control and/or measure the flow in open channels. In this study, a model is developed based on the Energy-Momentum method to control the sluice gate opening to maintain the desired downstream depth for a known upstream depth while a free hydraulic jump forms immediately after the gate. Evaluation of the model predictions with data from five lab experiments indicated a good accuracy for a wide range of channel widths (10 cm to 300 cm). Since the discharge coefficient is higher when the sluice gate operates under a free flow regime, this model can help operate sluice gates more efficiently. Moreover, by controlling the system to operate under free-flow, this model offers a simple solution to control sluice gates where the downstream depth is important, i.e., when several sluice gates are installed in series or in small/micro hydropower plants.