Evaluation as a tool to change research

2018-09-12T19:43:47Z (GMT) by Alma Cardi Gemma Derrick
This study provides a comparison of the post-evaluation effects of national research evaluation frameworks in the UK (REF) and Italy (VQR) at university (macro) and researcher (micro) level. We compare how academia has responded to evaluation frameworks, within the constraints of each university system and culture.

The analytical framework grounds data collected through interviews with experts involved in the design and implementation of each evaluation exercise.

We argue that national evaluation exercises are potential tools to influence behaviour at the macro and micro level and explore the implications for the decisional system, the organizational structures, and the individual performance.

The cross-comparisons allow identifying the post-evaluation effects of different frameworks; to ascertain the specific country/culture related aspects; and to trace the paths of changes happening at each level.