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Underworld and multi-basin heat flow

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posted on 2013-08-04, 02:36 authored by Steve QuenetteSteve Quenette, Craig O'Neill, Louis MoresiLouis Moresi, Cara Danis, John Mansour

This is a poster presented at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting 2011 (abstract #H51C-1218) of large scale geothermal heat flow. The geological model is an extension of the Sydney-Gunnedah basin model (Danis 2010) to include the Bowen basin. It covers an area of 1900kms north/south and 800kms east/west, and to a depth of 12kms of depth plus topography. Shown in each diagram are some the 11 lithological units, and an iso surface of 150oC. In various sections of each basin are layers of coal and coal/sediments. The software Underworld-GT was used to calculate the heatflow at very high resolution (order of meters vertical near coal seams), and a simple objective function was used to calibrate material properties to over 50 geotherms.