USMI Galaxy Demonstrator (UGD): a collection of tools to integrate  microorganisms information

2015-10-14T00:00:00Z (GMT) by Colobraro, DP Romano, P

Microorganisms are exploited in many application domains, encompassing several branch of human activities, including health, food, energy, waste management. Heterogeneous repositories collect information on microorganisms. Consequently, the information is fragmented and there is a need to merge all various sources for a comprehensive and clear vision of biological potentials.

The USMI Galaxy Demonstrator (UGD) may support both researchers and mBRC staffs to perform bioinformatics pipelines in an automatic way, importing available microbial catalogues, enriching them with enzyme data, ribosomal RNA sequences and taxon IDs. In this context, our purpose is to implement new UGD tools using metabolite, ligand, enzyme and protein names to extend and     improve annotations on microorganisms collected by mBRCs. Researchers may exploit the UGD to avoid manual, potentially long, searches on the web and to identify and select microorganisms of interest.




CC BY 4.0