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Sirepo: An Open Source Platform for Portable Reproducible Simulations

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posted on 2017-02-23, 22:28 authored by Robert NaglerRobert Nagler, Paul Moeller, David Bruhwiler
Poster presented at SIAM CSE17 PP108 Minisymposterium: Software Productivity and Sustainability for CSE and Data Science

Abtract: Sirepo is a novel system for managing, sharing, and executing simulations. We use software containers as an efficient mechanism for reproducible execution environments. We have packaged seven open source simulation codes for the particle accelerator and high-energy light source community into open source Docker and Vagrant images. We have created a modern HTML5 and Javascript user interface to configure, execute, and render simulations for three accelerator codes. We also provide a command line interface to all seven codes via a JupyterHub cluster. To facilitate sharing, we are developing a self-extracting simulation archive format that runs in any browser and allows users to rerun simulations on our cloud-based cluster or a locally installed instance of Sirepo.


DE-SC0011340, DE-SC0011237, DE-SC0015209