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Parent-of-origin effects in Turner Syndrome patients

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posted on 25.06.2015, 16:26 by Jada Wang, Marshall Styers, Melissa Wilson SayresMelissa Wilson Sayres

Turner Syndrome patients have a single X chromosome, without a partner, X or Y. It has been suggested that the inheritance of the maternal X or paternal X may affect the severity of Turner Syndrome, as well as the incidence of mental disorders in Turner Syndrome individuals. Parental imprinting on the X chromosome may lead to different phenotypic variations in Turner Syndrome patients. In this project, we conduct an analysis of the current state of research on Turner Syndrome, and review the evidence for an effect of maternally inherited versus paternally inherited X chromosomes for both physical and psychiatric traits. We conducted a literature search to compile data and information about Turners Syndrome into one place with the goal of clarifying the parent-of-origin effects in Turner Syndrome.


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