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Increased Human RORγT Expression in KRAS and STK11 Driven Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Tumours

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posted on 2022-06-02, 14:49 authored by Richard BuchananRichard Buchanan, Amy-Hadley Garry, Kelly Hunter, Ghaleb Goussous, Neeraj Lal, Heather Long, Gary Middleton

A transcriptomics examination of TCGA data identified high RORC expression in NSCLC patients with KRAS and STK11 tumour mutations. We validated an antibody to identify human expression of the RORC protein product RORγT - the canonical transcription factor for Th17 cells - that could identify RORγT+ cells by flow cytometry and by IHC. We used this antibody to spatially examine intratumoural RORγT+ cells in patient tumours with KRAS and STK11 mutations.

Poster presented at the British Society for Immunology Congress 2019 in Liverpool.

Abstract link avaliable in references.

Preliminary data towards publication.