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Engineering protein nanocompartments for protein production and enhanced enzyme activity

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posted on 14.07.2016, 13:36 authored by Efrain Zarazua-ArvizuEfrain Zarazua-Arvizu, Kirsten AltenbachKirsten Altenbach, Didi HeDidi He, Louise Horsfall, Jon Marles-WrightJon Marles-Wright
The production of recombinant proteins plays a key role in biotechnology industry. Several technologies have been developed to enhance protein production in common industrial hosts, such as the use of genetically engineered microorganism. However, there are still a number of challenges to achieving high production levels of toxic proteins; or to control the production of toxic intermediate metabolites within the host, as well as, the maintenance of stable proteins and their purification and isolation. The bacterial micro- and nano-compartments, produced by some species of bacteria to enclose specific metabolic pathways, present an attractive solution to overcome these problems through sequestering high-value proteins within a protein shell within the cell. This project aims to address the major challenges associated with the production and use of recombinant proteins and high-value biologics through the encapsulation of proteins within a robust and thermostable protein cage that is readily purified and highly stable.


IBioIC, CONACyT, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnogies