SemScape is a plugin for the popular network biology software Cytoscape [1] that allows user interaction and queries over remote sparql endpoints.
In particular it allows visualization of sparql queries' results, interactive navigation of RDF graphs and reconstuction of semantic data landscapes.

Cytoscape is a network visualization and analysis tool that, while inherently domain independent, provides links and shortcuts to typical biomedical datasets and manipulations. It offers a plugin architecture and it has a very active community both of developers and users. SemScape is developed as plugin for the latest version of Cytoscape, 3.0, which is released in beta at the time of this writing and presents a completely new architecture from previous versions. SemScape offers a range of functionalities, which are derived from what was implemented in RDFScape [2] and AGUIA [3]. However this system provides a newer, more efif cient and up to date implementation.